Rik hosts a range of spoken word, music and dance events, festival stages and functions.  Click here to enquire about booking them for your event

Rik has appeared on and previously hosted their own spoken word radio show, and also produced a popular poetry podcast with their partner in crime, Matt Cummins.


Rik plays the guitar alongside their spoken word poetry as well as in collaboration with talented artists, such as Asabi Hawah and Rukea Azougaye - in this video, filmed and sound editing by Tony As.

Tyrone Lewis Boomerang Club3.jpg


Rik is a proud member of "Methods Of Movement" breakdance crew and works as a professional breakdancer - sometimes combining dance choreography with their spoken word poetry, notably at Jonzi D's 'Open Art Surgery'.

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Multimedia Work

In this multimedia collaboration, with David Valentine, Rik produced the instant messaging script translation and recorded the voice over for a modern adaptation of "The Balcony Scene" from Romeo and Juliet.

This piece has been featured at numerous films festivals worldwide, and has also been used as a classroom resource for creating multimedia video work.


Photo credit to: John Englezos (title), Tyrone Lewis (various)