RikTheMost is a fully qualified teacher (1st Class Honours) and rated "outstanding" by OFSTED (for what it's worth...).  Due to their 7 years of teaching experience, Rik understands and thoroughly respects the strains, stresses and workings of day-to-day school life and the curriculum so they have the tools to create specifically catered workshops for your needs!  Whether it is covering performance techniques/ drama, structure, word-play, topic-based or simply a treat; an hour, half day, full day or a longer residency - they will facilitate a memorable and enriching poetical experience.

RikTheMost provides workshops for children of all ages and adults (including Skype sessions and editing services).

Facebook message from a parent of a Yr 3 student after an hour school workshop.

A day workshop with Yr 6 children to create a book in a day!

Feedback from a poet, after an adults' half-day workshop.

Feedback from a teacher, after a half-day workshop with a primary school group.

RikTheMost on stage judging and providing feedback for the OutLoud Teen Slam - Victoria State Finals in Australia.

Yr 4 student feedback after a day of workshops.