This is a blog, of sorts.  

It will come in the guise of many musings, news things and things I hold true-things (plus, I'm sure, some just plain, straight up odd stuff...).

It will include deep looks at travels that I am on, surface-level skimmings of days, word paintings of life, divings into my thoughts on current events, streams of consciousness, profiles of people I meet, new ideas I am working on and, well, absolutely anything that manages to hold my attention in this glittering, worldly mix of the beautiful and violent ephemeral darkness and light, embracing the echoes and whispers of the invisible spectrums between! 

I want this to be a space of sharing, questioning of and insight into the world I see, including things I love (hence the photos), can sometimes barely stand (the usual: disparity of wealth, unnecessary pain, intentional harm, coriander etc) and don't understand at all (coriander again...). It may become a "thing", it may not - I am sure the process will reveal itself through the living - I welcome you with open arms, glinting eyes and smiling lines on my face to join me on this journey.

Make sure you check back here regularly, like you do your testicles and breasts (you do right?!), for updates and new posts, as and when they happen and/ or, even better, subscribe to my brand new mailing list and I'll let you know when something new gets posted (sign up at the bottom of the page) - that's a whole other bag of fun - including gig info, projects, publications and shows; so much good stuff!

Love love,