American Round Up & Contact Sharing - Vlog

I've arrived in New Zealand so wanted to do a bit of a Vlog cap off to the America journey... but got side tracked along the way, as I do in everything! I name check a lot of folks in this video... you should add them and speak to them... contact sharing yo! Do it.

Shout outs to Benjamin SolahMargaret CoulterJohn EnglezosFleassy MalayJoe SnyderMata DorEddie Dts FiguresRaymond JimenezKay DymekRobbie DunningKen ArkindDavy Jones NguyenTyler Korso CorsautPuroSlam Poetry, @Brookyln Poetry Lounge, Da Poetry LoungeThe San Diego Poetry Slam, @House Slam, Chibbi OrduñaDaDa National Poetry Slam TeamSuzi Q. SmithChristopher MichaelMaureen BensonShy YantJomar ValentinAustin Poetry SlamRooster MartinezThe Blah Poetry SpotAKeemjamal Rollins (didn't mention you but you're a legend!), Lino AnunciacionAmir SafiWrite About NowXach BluntReema F Yeager, @Richard...

You're all mentioned in there... I think! And if not then, you should be! Plus all the millions of folks I didn't mention that contributed to the amazing time my team and I had in America! There's too many names for my mind to hold but your beautiful faces and hearts are locked in my memory :).

So much love to you all!!!